Backup and DR

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What is the BL ProBackup service plan?

The BL ProBackup service plan is a comprehensive data protection service to meet the business continuity requirements of small to mid-sized businesses. It replaces the traditional tape backup system with a combination of an onsite backup appliance and Internet-based offsite storage. The local appliance provides near real-time backup of your data for fast and easy data recovery, while the offsite storage service secures a current version of data to insure against catastrophic events.

The BL ProBackup service plan is a completely automated system requiring virtually zero user intervention. However, the appliance, systems and data are continuously observed by our team of experts and monitoring systems to ensure system integrity and functionality.

What's wrong with Tape Backup?
Believe it or not, tape backup has been the predominant backup media for the last 60+ years! Just as music and video has moved from tape technology to a pure digital format, critical business data is also making the jump. Here is a list of common problems with tape backup systems:

  • Tapes are fragile: Magnetic tape media is fragile and cannot be trusted.
  • Tape drives fail: Tape drives have a lot of moving parts and are easily damaged by dirt, dust and other environmental conditions such as heat, cold and humidity.
  • Tape capacity is not keeping up: The amount of business data to backup often exceeds the capacity of a single tape. Backups spanning multiple tapes are extremely difficult to manage and require precious user time to administer.
  • High capacity tape systems are expensive: High capacity tape drives and tapes are expensive and are quickly becoming the single largest cost in the network.
  • Full system restores are difficult: A full system restore using tape can be a lengthy process and cause unnecessary downtime.
  • Small restores are also difficult: Single file or small restores can also be tedious and may require hours to complete when considering the time to find and insert the proper tape.
  • Offsite rotation is a pain: A critical component to any solid backup system is to get data offsite. But rotating tapes out of the office is a pain and poses important security questions.

What are the benefits of BL ProBackup?
The BL ProBackup service plan delivers valuable business benefits through the deployment of advanced technological features.

  • Backup and Recovery: Using a disk-based NAS appliance, the ProBackup service delivers easy backup and data recovery capability for your servers.
  • Standby Server: The ProBackup appliance raises the bar by leveraging “virtualization” technology to provide maximum system protection. Using the current data backup image, the ProBackup appliance can recover a failed server by booting a virtual image of it within 30 minutes.
  • Bare Metal Restore: The ProBackup appliance enables you to restore a virtual server to dissimilar hardware after a disaster. This is critical when a failure occurs and identical server hardware is not available. This provides maximum flexibility when considering recovery options.
  • Offsite Replication: No modern disaster recovery plan is complete without provisioning data to secure offsite locations. The ProBackup service plan complements the power and flexibility of the local appliance with offsite data protection services. A current image of all data is constantly synchronized to an offsite datacenter. Data backup and recovery is ensured in the event of a catastrophic loss of both the servers and the ProBackup appliance.