Network Administration & Management

Total network protection at a fixed monthly price

What is the BL ProManage service plan?
A short time ago, the computer was a considered a luxury reserved for large enterprises and a rarity for small and mid-sized businesses. However, the 21st century ushered in a strong wave of technological innovation that revolutionized not just the way people communicate and transact, but it completely redefined business relationships and paradigms. Our dependence on the office computer has arguably surpassed our dependencies on things like the telephone. Although reliance on technology is paramount, as a society we still somehow have low expectations of computer reliability. Why is it that we are not surprised when such a vital business productivity tool falters on a somewhat regular basis? Why are we willing to accept this lower quality standard?

A contributing factor to this state of mind is the traditional models used to support and maintain computer systems. The old service model of support has typically been a reactive one. When there is a problem, you place a call, and someone comes to fix it. This is also known as the “break-fix” model, and it is short-sighted. There is no emphasis on the long term care of your systems and it’s users, nor is there any strategic and intelligent network management.

At B&L, our mission is to shatter the “break-fix” model with a Strategic Services framework that provides businesses with a comprehensive, proactive, preventative maintenance plan. The objective is to provide total network administration in such a manner that problems are caught and dealt with well in advance of them becoming a productivity impacting issue.

Does this mean problems will never happen again? Certainly not. But as your network provider, we can offer ongoing services for your systems to shrink downtime to acceptable levels, keep user productivity at extremely high levels, and be able to respond to and resolve unexpected issues with unprecedented speed and efficiency.

The BL ProManage services plan is not just about monitoring and remote support. It is a comprehensive proactive approach that utilizes a series of industry best practices including:

  • Real-time Network Monitoring and Alerts of Key Systems
  • Preventative Network Maintenance Services
  • Comprehensive Inventory Asset Management
  • Unlimited Onsite and Remote Support
  • Guaranteed Emergency Response & Priority Care
  • Dedicated Account Manager & Preferred Technician
  • Automated User-initiated Trouble Ticketing System
  • Routine Physical Inspections
  • System Documentation
  • Annual Technology Audit
  • Planned Server Replacement

How does the BL ProManage services plan benefit my business?
The ProManage service plan provides your business with peace of mind knowing your systems are well maintained and cared for using proven industry best practices. Your business and your people will realize and grow to expect the following benefits:

  • Reliability
  • Security
  • Consistency
  • Productivity
  • Cost Management and Control
  • Performance
  • Managed Expansion and Growth

Can the BL ProManage services plan help save me money? Yes it can! A study* by the Gartner Group revealed the following eye-opening information.

  • Cost of an unmanaged Windows XP Computer over 3 Years: $5,309
  • Cost of a managed Windows XP Computer over 3 Years: $3,335
  • Cost Savings of a managed Computer over 3 Years: $1,974 per PC!

* As reported in Network Computing magazine, 09/02/2004 issue, page 34. This amounts to nearly $20,000.00 in savings per 3-year period for every 10 PC’s in your company. Or, in other words, your total cost of ownership is 37% lower under a managed plan.

How is the BL ProManage services plan priced? The ProManage service plan is priced based on network complexity. The primary components that affect price are number of office locations, number of servers, and number of computers (both laptops and desktops).